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Jogging class time trial

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Member Since:

Aug 13, 2019



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

I was varsity for a few state champs at Desert HIlls High School (2012-2015)

I ran Cross Country at BYU-Hawaii (2016)

I was in Peru for two years on a mission (2016-2018) and since its been so long since Ive run consistantly I decided to make a new account for a fresh start.

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for Boston

Be in the best shape of my life

Run a 100 Miler

Long-Term Running Goals:

Never Stop Running



Im 21 and currently living in Hawaii studying Biomedical Science. I was raised in Saint George Utah and started running when I was 14 or so because I broke my arm and couldnt play basketball, but wanted to keep active. That led to some of the best times of my life running with my friends for Desert Hills XC. I ran a bit in College at BYU Hawaii and look to continue growing as a runner and staying in shape now that I'm back.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 290.60
Saucony Boston Marathon Edition Lifetime Miles: 423.00
NB Racing 1400 Lifetime Miles: 155.10
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 1001.50
Vibram 5 Finger Lifetime Miles: 300.00
Luna Huarache Leather Sandals Lifetime Miles: 28.00
Altra Superior 4 Lifetime Miles: 68.00
Total Distance
Luna Huarache Leather Sandals Miles: 7.50Altra Superior 4 Miles: 41.00NB Racing 1400 Miles: 46.10Barefoot Miles: 0.50
Total Distance

My boy Evan moved in with me, he got home from his mission in Portugal last month. He ran with me in 2016 for BYUHawaii and here we are again.

6 miles earlay in the maarning up around the watertower. We jumped in Temple Beach after the run just like old times. 

After work we were bored and decided to run again. We did a sunset run about 2 1/2 and stopped to do pullups and pushups at a playground behind TVA.

Ive been eating healthy, making smoothies out of fresh and frozen fruit + oats/peanut butter and drinking V8 fire water. I feel the best I have in a couple years. 

Luna Huarache Leather Sandals Miles: 2.50Altra Superior 4 Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

Went on a walkabout with Evan down to Hauula. Flat road running, 7:30 pace. Sun went down and we were jumping over potholes and rickety bridges and whatnot all the way back. We cracked open some cold ones (hawaiian sun lilikoi nectar) and talked about life. Gettin ready for class to start.

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 6.50
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Total Distance

Altra Superior 4 Miles: 7.00
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Race: Jogging class time trial (1.5 Miles) 00:09:32, Place overall: 1
Total Distance

At 6 am I had my first "time trial" for my early morning 1 credit jogging class. Even though its a short race and it doesnt really matter for the marathon I still think its good to log it as if it were a real race just to get in the habit.

There are about 30 people in the class and 2 or 3 people went out full on sprinting. And after the first 400m there was still one guy just giving his all about 50 ft ahead. I had just woken up and was not interested in taking first, but I kept the distance and focused on keeping a solid pace. Had a feeling he would tire out. Went through the first lap at 4:57 and as we started the 2nd and final lap sure enough speed racer hit a wall and I, without speeding up, overtook and dropped him. I kicked up the pace and finished first woo hoo! My bpm was 160. I cooled down to temple beach for a swim.

I had my first round of classes this semester and swam at Pounders with my brother some big waves. 

At 5 pm or so my buddy Nick took Evan, Chaz and I up to Laie Summit trailhead and we ran up to the forest. We made it in 23 mins (its two miles but close to 600ft in elevation). We burned it down hootin' and hollerin' I had some cramping in the ribs area. It was super fun to run with an actual group and even though nick and chaz havent been running for a long time they were able to keep up really well. It felt like the good old days running with a team. We got back down to the car right as the sun was a settin' and we caught moon barrels for a solid 45 mins after the run.

2 runs and 3 swims aint bad. Im feeling very healthy and happy what more can a man ask for!

Song: Forever Heavy // Black Moth Super Rainbow

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 4.00Altra Superior 4 Miles: 4.00
Total Distance

Altra Superior 4 Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

Laie Summit, lot of hiking, little running...

Altra Superior 4 Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

to Turtle Bay and back at 2 am with the full moon as my guide

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 14.00
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Total Distance

shook out the legs with evan around laie

Luna Huarache Leather Sandals Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

Rainbow Warriors game!

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Total Distance

morning: I ran bike path and turned up the military farm road for 7 

afternoon: Ran up Laie falls trail with Evan and Nick. We made it up in 22 mins and I took it kinda slow coming down because I had just eaten 2 day old 7 bros burger and was feeeelin it. We caught some moon barrels at Hukilau. Life is good!

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 7.00Altra Superior 4 Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

I worked out at the gym with Chaz daddy at 5 am

rad 2 miles for my joggin class. I beat my old time by 20 seconds.

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 2.00
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Total Distance

My training plan (which I have been horrible in keeping to...) said to go 11 but I wanted to see how far I could go in 1:30. Turning around at 45mins [at chings fishing supplies store]

I left at 5:20. Ended at 6:50 with a beautiful rainy hawaiian sunset all the way back towards Laie. Turns out I went 7:14 pace and hit 12.6 miles. I swam for 10 mins and ran barefoot on the beach unil I hit 13.1 haha. 

Im feeling pretty good and Im happy I can at least to half a marathon near my stretch goal pace. Which is pretty fortunate considering 2 months ago I was maybe hitting 5 miles a week tops. Just gonna keep at this. Ive still got 2 1/2 months until the race. 

I also lifted weights at 3pm ish.

NB Racing 1400 Miles: 12.60Barefoot Miles: 0.50
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Total Distance

loop around laie

Altra Superior 4 Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance
Luna Huarache Leather Sandals Miles: 7.50Altra Superior 4 Miles: 41.00NB Racing 1400 Miles: 46.10Barefoot Miles: 0.50
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